Tesla ATE Brake Fluid DOT 4 Low Viscosity Ate SL.6

Tesla ATE Brake Fluid DOT 4 Low Viscosity Ate SL.6

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Low viscosity DOT4 brake fluid for modern electronic brake systems

Brake fluid is probably the most important part of your vehicles brake system because it transmits the pressure applied by your feet to the brakes. With the introduction and mass use of vehicles with ESP and ABS systems brake fluid has become more important than it was before. Most of these new brake systems have ducts and channels that are smaller than a human hair. The wrong type of brake fluid can cause operation issues with modern brake systems. For that reason, ATE SL.6 was developed as a new replacement for DOT4 fluid.

Vehicles that have ABS and other ESP systems must be able to decelerate individual wheels when required. The development of a thin bodied brake fluid has become more critical than ever in ensuring quick response times.

Advantages of ATE SL.6:

  • Low viscosity (thin-bodied)
  • Permits fastest response by ESP
  • Optimum brake fluid for electronic brake systems like ESP, ABS, TCS, etc.
  • Improved handling safety owing to speedy response of ESP
  • Most vehicle manufacturers already use the low-viscosity DOT 4, Class 6 (ISO 4925) brake fluids in production cars (OEM and OES)

Requirements met or exceeded

  • FMVSS§571.116
  • DOT 4/DOT 3
  • SAE J1703
  • ISO 4925
  • Class 6

SL.6 specifications:

Dry boiling point: 265°C (509°F)
Wet boiling point: 175°C (338°F)
Recommended change interval: Up to 2 years

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