Tesla Model S DFC 5000 Ceramic Low-Metallic Rear Disc Brake Pads, 2021-2023

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Add some stopping power to your Tesla Model S with these rear ceramic low-metallic disc brake pads from EV Parts Online!

  • Tesla Model S 2021, 2022, 2023
  • Base, Plaid, Long-range, & Performance
  • Designed To Deliver a Consistent Pedal Feel and Superb Brake Response
  • Nice upgrade over stock pads
  • Ceramic Low-Metallic
  • One set does left and right rear
  • Rear
  • Replacement for 1562160-00-A, 156216000A
  • Best low-metallic brake pads for Tesla Model S

Note Fits: 2021 after January up to 2023

The DFC 5000 Euro Ceramic pads provide the option to substitute low-metallic materials designed for certain European applications with less abrasive ceramic materials, leaving the wheels looking clean for a longer period of time. Perfect for the Tesla Model S!

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