Smart Car Fortwo Rear Wiper Blade, Factory Style, 2007-2015

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  • Rear Blade & Cap Kit 10"

With a pre-installed precision adapter, the blade is quick and easy to install, and its OE design supports an exact match for original factory fit, form, and function. Unlike other conventional blades typically comprised of two pieces of rubber glued together, the Ultimate blade has a revolutionary flat blade design that resembles a single piece of rubber compound. Together, its unique design and advanced rubber technology generates the smoothest and quietest wiping performance with no vibration or chatter because of the patented 1,500 pressure points on the blade when moving across the windshield versus the minimal 4 to 8 pressure points of a conventional blade. Features a curved metal spline for optimized contact and an aerodynamic end clip that reduces drag on the windshield. The blade's OE rubber formulation provides long lasting, all-weather durability.

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