Tesla Model 3 Standard Range RWD, Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs, 2017-2023

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range RWD, Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs, 2017-2023

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Lower your Tesla Model 3 with these Eibach Lowering Springs for your Tesla Model 3 Standard Range lowering Springs from EV Parts Online!

  • Tesla Model 3 Standard 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023
  • Lowers 0.9" Front and 1.0" Rear
  • Designed to work with factory shocks / dampers
  • Million Mile Warranty
  • Full set of 4 springs
  • For Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) 
  • E10-87-001-04-22

Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs have been time tested and have proven themselves to be one of the most comfortable yet excellent handling lowering springs on the market.  Eibach Lowering Springs lower your car's center of gravity and reduce squat during acceleration, body roll in corners, and excessive nose-dive under braking.  These traits allow your car to not only handle better, but perform better overall.

Every Eibach Pro Kit is designed specifically for your vehicle to ensure the lowering springs are a perfect match.  The spring rate and amount of lowering are designed to close some fender gap, but also to ensure your car is balanced and agile without sacrificing safety or ride quality. 

These springs will work with the factory shocks, but could accelerate wear on old shocks.

Eibach Pro Kit is designed so well, that Eibach gives your springs a one million mile warranty.

Eibach Pro Kits from Redline360 include all 4 springs - front springs and rear springs.

Trust EV Parts Online for all your Tesla Model 3 needs!

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