Jaguar I-Pace Exterior Touch Up Paint Kit, Dr Color Chip, Squirt 'n Squeegee PLUS, 2019-2021

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    So Easy To Use! Fix your Jaguar I-Pace paint's scratches & chips with this easy to use Paint Touch Up Kit.
          For your Jaguar I Pace Our Squirt 'n Squeegee PLUS makes chip repair even easier than before!! We include 2 different squeegees for every kind of chip repair and our new pipette applicators to easily apply the paint. These 2 newly added products will make chip repair even easier! Kit includes:
            • 1 oz. OEM Matched Paint. Put the pipette in the hole in the squirt applicator cap, suction out the needed paint and drop onto the side of the chip.
            • 4 oz. SealAct Blending Solution
            • 1 Flex Clear 3" x 1 1/2" Beveled Squeegee. Flexible squeegee good for moving the paint over multiple chips at the same time.
            • 1 Green mini firm squeegee. Good for hard to reach areas, scratches, and for a single chip.
            • 5 pipettes for easy application to side of chip.
            • 1 Ultra Paint Brush for paint application.
            • 2 Microbrushes for chip repair to edges and thin scratches.
            • 1 Microfiber Towel
            • 2 Nitrile Gloves
            • 2 White Blending Cloths
            • Instructions and Application Tips on the box.

          How to Find Your Jaguar Paint Code?

          Your Jaguar paint code can be found in up to 3 locations:

          • On the driver or passenger side of the car, where the door latches.
          • On the driver side door hinge, where the door is connected to the vehicle.
          • Beneath the hood near the front, on one of the three sides of the radiator support: passenger, middle or driver.

          What Do Jaguar Paint Codes Look Like?

          Jaguar paint codes can contain both letters and numbers such as LKH, 2136 or 1AB.





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