Clear Plastic Car Cover 22' x 12' Temporary Disposable

Clear Plastic Car Cover 22' x 12' Temporary Disposable

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Protect your Tesla, Chevy Bolt, Chevy Volt, Smart Car, Jaguar I-Pace, Fiat 500E, or any vehicle with this plastic car cover!
  • 22' X 12' Universal Clear Plastic Car Cover
  • Use At Car Shows or In the Garage
  • Can Be Used Several Times!
  • Throw Away When Done 
  • Part # EV0915

New Reusable Clear Plastic Car Cover with elastic band. This is a temporary cover that will not scratch the surface of your car. It has a  elastic band on the bottom and will fit to cover any car 12'x22' . This will fit just about every car on the market.

This is also an excellent new product that can be used under an existing cloth cover to protect it from dust and dirt. (Cloth covers get dust and dirt in them and they can scratch the surface of the finish.)

Can also be used in emergency situations to keep your car clean or dry. 

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