Chevy Bolt EV Dash Cover Mat, DashTech, 2017-2021

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    Best Fitting Dash Mat for Chevy Bolt EV!

    • Chevy Bolt EV 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
    • Helps Eliminate Glare from the Sun 
    • Protects Your Dash from UV Fading & Cracking
    • Mounts Securely with Velcro, Easy to Install & Clean
    • Custom Manufactured to Exact Specifications for a Perfect Fit
    • Manufactured From Durable 3 Layer DashTech on Top Fabric with Foam Core with Bound Edges
    • Made In The USA
    • Many Colors to Choose From
    • These Are Custom Made, Please allow 7-14 Days for Delivery
    • Some Photos May Be Sample Images

    DashTech for Chevy Bolt EV

    DashTech has a face fabric that looks like one of the modern "Technical" fabrics you see in new vehicle seat upholstery. It has a small square weave pattern and looks a bit 3 dimensional on the surface. Same 3 layer construction as the Velour & Suede above. Face fabric is Solution Dyed Polyester with high UV inhibitors for consistent color and maximum color fastness over time in the sun. Edge binding is done with matching Dashtech fabric.

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