Smart Car Fortwo Racechip S Tuning Box Kit, (453) 0.9 89HP, 2014-2019

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RaceChip Tuning Box Kits welcome you to a different league in engine performance tuning. Discover a whole new driving experience with RaceChip.  Manufactured in Germany, Autobahn tested, and dyno proven, these technologically advanced kits can sometimes out perform ECU remapping. Once installed, you get more power, greater torque, superb mid-range punch, stronger acceleration and quicker responses: you’ll love the new characteristics RaceChip chip tuning will give your car.  RaceChip tuning doesn’t simply turn everything to the max – it optimizes intelligently within your engine’s design limits.

Plug-and-Play performance upgrade gives you up to +14hp and +18lb-ft.

Solid performance and high quality, the RaceChip S tuning box kit is the base kit with a lot to offer. Latest hardware coming from the automotive industry, engine-specific adjustments, and comprehensive services offer the perfect package to chip tuning first-timers.

  • 5 fine tuning mappings for a gradual custom-fit
  • Simple execution via the rotary control dial

Tuning Box Kit Details:

  • Each kit includes detailed installation instructions for your vehicle and engine.
  • 2-year product warranty
  • Motor-specific software: v2.0_S
  • Hardware
    • ARM Cortex-M3 processor
    • Up to 3 analogue and digital channels
    • Chip electronics with Nano-Protect
    • Pro-grade connector (FCI)
    • Ultra-resistant composite housing
    • Basic fixing system
    • Dimensions (mm): L 87 x W 95 x H 36
  • Included in the Box:
    • RaceChip S chip tuning module
    • Wiring kit
    • 4 cable ties
    • User’s manual

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