Chemical Guys Red Rocket Detailing Brush

Chemical Guys Red Rocket Detailing Brush

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The Red Rocket Brush is the flexible and scratch-less brush that bends to deep clean all those hard to reach areas around your car. With two different sizes, there is no place safe for dirt to hide!

  • Blast off to a whole new level of clean
  • Deep clean front and back of wheels
  • Scrub without scratching or marring
  • Clean hidden dirt you can't see
  • Protect from accidental cuts and bruises

The innovative Red Rocket Brush features a unique flexible spine that allows you to clean even the most inconvenient areas quickly and easily. Simply bend the brush to the desired angle, or insert into any small space and the let the brush flex and conform to scrub 100% of the surface. Use the 9” brush on wheels, rims, brakes, and the smaller 5.5” on grilles, vents, exhaust pipes, and more! 

Perfect for Tesla, Chevy Bolt EV, Chevy Volt, Fiat 500E, Smart Car Fortwo, & Jaguar I-Pace

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